Mobile App Marketing Tips That Generate Cool Cash

Mobile App Developers are struggling with marketing apps and getting their apps to app market. However, mobile app marketing is not a rocket science. Marketing app successfully requires some tactics or tip, which you need to deploy.

The internet is bombarded daily with new mobile apps   that   are   geared   towards   new   technology,   new software systems, new process systems and new mobile marketing tools. They  are  all  focused  on  winning  market  share  with  their  new  apps. This focus is driven by one main objective which is to make money or to make even more money.


If you want to make money from mobile app, you need to learn how to get the app to those who want. Let me quickly share with you some tips that will help you make money from mobile apps.



Marketing Your App Via Internet And Social Media


For any app to succeed, you have to market it. That means getting it in  front  of  users  to  try  and  get  them  to  buy.  With  hundreds  of thousands  of  apps  in  the  market,  getting  yours  noticed  is  becoming harder.


The following is a recommended  step approach to marketing your app.


Designing an app icon – a beautiful designed icon is the best thing a person can have in gaining the attention of potential users. The icon should  be  unique  in  design  and  color  to  stand  out  from  the  crowd. Most  icons  are  green  and  blue.  Also  avoid  shine  and  bevel.  Icons should always be standard sets and sizes for conformity.



Localizing app – app must be convertible to any language. So if you are targeting China, then it must be convertible to Chinese.


Website – is it best to have your own dedicated website. This can have huge benefits.


Use of social media – let your users share their content via Facebook, Twitter and others. Encourage feedback and comments. This will also help generate a user database.


Use  of  free  versions  –  let  users  download  your  app  for  a  free  trial period. Most users will only buy apps after they have tried them and found them useful. A free app download is a recommended strategy by most e-marketers.



Keywords – the use of good Meta words or keywords for your website is critical to try and get to the top 10 positions on search engines like Google and Bing.  Optimizing  –  to  optimize  your  app  you  should  keep  it  under  the 20MB threshold.



Use the Press – if you think you have an app that is new and unique, you  should  let  all  relevant  publications  know  about  it.  They  help  in getting the word out throughout the web. App design – you always want your things to look good. A good app design helps in sales. Use an expert if you need to.




Generating Demand For Your App


The market as we know it is getting smaller due to product saturation. For any app to succeed, you have to market it. That means getting it in  front  of  users  to  try  it  and  hopefully  buy  it.  With  hundreds  of thousands  of  apps  in  the  market,  getting  it  noticed  is  becoming harder and more costly.


How To Create Demand


To generate demand for your app, the use of social media, publication companies and advertising is a must have. Some will have a cost while others  are  free.  Whether  cost  or  no  cost,  it  is  important  to  get exposure  for  your  app.  Without  exposure  and  public  awareness  of your app, failure is imminent.


The  use  of  Facebook  is  a  good  way  of  generating  demand  for  your app.  You  can  also  advertise  on  Facebook.  They  have  a  captured audience of more  than 500 million registered users  which is a good market  for  any  product  or  business.  You  can  also  have  your  own Facebook account with a link from your advertisement banner to this account.  That means  anyone  clicking on this  link will be directed to your Facebook account. The important part here is the design of your banner  which  must  sell  an  app  that  is  unique  with  a  beautiful  icon. There are many banner ads shown. To make users click on them, they have to be interesting and beneficial.



You  can  also  use  search engines  to  help  advertise  your app  for you. There are many search directories that you can submit your ads with. Most are  free  and no payment is required. It is also good to submit your website link to Google, Bing and others like them. You should do this on a weekly basis or even more frequent if possible. Millions of users search for items on them. They can create a huge demand if the app is unique and interesting.



How To Get Positive Review For Your App


In order to get positive reviews for your app, the app must have gone through the design process cycle many times with input from friends and  family.  This  group  of  people  is  known  as  the  test  group  and should be made  up of people  from the  target definition. Their input and  comments  would  be  a  fair  reflection  of  your  intended  target group. It is from their feedback that you narrow down your features list as well as additions needed that you yourself may have left out of the app.



Announce Your App Through Press Release


When  you  are  confident  that  your  app  is  ready  to  be  launched,  the best way of getting attention for your app is through a press release. Most  people  associate  the  press  with  some  new  technology,  new invention, new discovery and others like it. The press gives credence to any new subject matter and this kind of assistance is hard to find. The  market  through  the  press  is  also  huge  with  links  to  various supporting associations and institutions.

Get Attention


Many new discoveries and technologies have found financial support and  investment  after  their  press  releases.  Major  corporations  and investors keep a keen eye on press releases to check on whether there are  new  business  opportunities  or  new  technologies  that  they  could invest in. The same can be said for venture capitalists who constantly seek new business opportunities that have huge potential.



Press  releases  also generate  a quick  demand  if an app  is interesting and   unique.   The   exposure   to   the   public   is   immediate   unlike advertising  which  has  a  longer  return  time  on  investment.  Most advertising campaigns have a lifespan of about 6 months. That means that   the   response   to   the   advertisement   from   the   public   will   be effective within those months.



Take  the  iPad  for  instance.  When  the  public  knew  the  launching  of the iPad was imminent, Apple stores was inundated with orders and the first batch was sold out before they reached the stores. The iPad was  the  first  of  its  kind  and  generated  a  lot  of  public  interest  and awareness. Even though it had some negative aspects about it, sales for this app sky-rocketed. Like Microsoft, Apple has the resources to overcome  product  glitches  and  shortcomings,  which  we  are  now seeing  with  the  iPad2.  The  iPad2  features  some  new  functionalities. This new app is an enhancement over the old iPad1 model.




Direct Marketing Strategies For Your App Launch


There are numerous ways to launch your app. Some can be costly and some  are  free.  Below  you  will  find  several  methods  using  direct marketing to launch your app.


Useful ways to direct market:



Use app review sites – These are sites that frequently review new apps in  the  market.  You  can  submit  your  app  for  the  editorial  staff  to review and rate.


Good PR – establishing good public relations with columnists, radio hosts and TV producers. Be an expert in the subject matter.


Promote within other apps – try and advertise in new exciting apps.



Use AddThis – the AddThis button will add traffic and page rank to your app.


Use  advertising  companies  –  have  advertisements  placed  in  target areas that reflect your own target definition in terms of age, lifestyle, profession etc.


Q & A – Participate in targeted app Q & A sessions. Provide links to learn more about you and your app and give feedback.


Email – use email as direct marketing to friends and associates first. Adhere  to  spam  policies  on  email  marketing.  You  can  get  the  email list from or other legitimate sources.


Pricing strategy – learn from Peggle. Learn how they gained top spot by dropping their price for a promotion period.

Walk through presentation – use this type of presentation with screen shots of your app and a description of the features and benefits.


Tell  a  friend  –  use  this  feature  in  your  app  to  get  personal  contact details


Twitter – use a Twitter update feature in your app for users to tweet about your app.


Exclusive  content  –  this  content  about  your  app  is  exclusive  within your app and not found anywhere else.


Collaborate –  find  businesses  who  are  not  competitors  but  have similar products.



Conclusion, getting your app out to the public is extremely important if you wish to  turn  a  profit  and  be  a  success.  If  you  wish  to  do  this  then  it  is important that you follow the above steps and tips carefully. You can be a success and you can start to make money with your apps you just need  to  go  about  it  in  the  right  way.  I  hope  you  have  learned  some useful information and good luck.


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