How A Free Loan Without Collateral Of N10, 000,000 Changed My Life


A Free Loan Without Collateral Changed My Life For Good! Yes. You Can Learn From My story. The search for  loan without collateral in Nigeria is on the rise. This is obvious if you consider the economy situation in the country. Its widely believe that you cant get loan without collateral in Nigeria. Some people also believe that you can only get loan without collateral in Lagos alone. Some believe you have to be a salary earner to get easy loan without collateral.


Nigeeria situation
A Typical Example Of Nigeria Situation

All These opinions are absolutely correct. You can surely get loan without collateral in Lagos and all over Nigeria. That is why i have to shear my my personal experience with you today.


I have receive several mails, SMS and Whatsapp messages asking similar questions. What are the questions?

  • How do i get loan without collateral in Nigeria?
  • How to get loan without collateral in Lagos?
  • I am in Abuja, how to get loan in Abuja?
  • Can i get fast loan in Nigeria?
  • How to get loan without collateral and interest rates?
  • and so many related questions.

Let me assure you that no matter where you are in Nigeria, either you are a salary earner or self employed or a business  owner or even a student, there are so many opportunities around that you dont know and may never know unless  you find out.


I am about to answer all these questions with my personal experience.

So stay back and read this article to the end......


What you are about to read is worth more that $10000, if only you can read to the end and take advantage of my recommendations.


There is no doubt, things are not smooth in Nigeria! It is not about access to loan alone. We dont have enough support for businesses, families and social security system is at zero level.


“Yes! It is not easy to get loan in Nigeria, but if you can open your eyes and be positive; you can always make headway no matter your current situation”

“I don’t know what you are facing as you read my story and what you may face, but one thing I can assure is that if you can be positive, open mind and create hope for yourself, you will be surprise how bright your tomorrow will be”


If you want to succeed in life or you need money to grow your business or for personal needs, read my personal experience to the end….


Why do you need to listen to me?

I am Muritala Osuolale Bello. I am entrepreneur. I am an ICT consultanMuri Min Of Finance Abujat, Web Developer, eCommerce solutions Expert, Digital Media Expert, Digital Marketing Professional and Youth Development and Empowerment Advocate.

I am the CEO of Afrikgold International Technologies Limited, Murbel Communications, Estate Envoy, and a new firm in the making called Murbel Gas.

I am the author of Mobile App Millionaire Course, Business Plan With Ease, $10,000 Monthly Income Blueprint and Easy Loan Without Collateral.

I run,,, and

I have been in business since 2005. Just Google my name- Muritala Osuoale Bello, you can only find positive things about me.


I have been using loans and grant to grow my business since 2011. I just got a Loan of N37, 000,000 (Yes 37 Million Naira) to set up my gas plant business by an international finance organization present here in Nigeria without connection or rejection. I just did the right things.


I am about to share my personal experience with you.

These are what you are going to discover in this article:

  • How I started without capital and how difficult it was
  • How I got my first free loan without collateral or interest and how that turned around  my business
  • How I have grown my businesses with other people’s money(loans)
  • How I used barely know organizations' money to grow my business and never run into trouble
  • The Secrets of how lenders beg me to take loan to grow my business
  • How people I shared this with turned around to succeed with loans for their businesses
  • And how you can you copy or learn from my experience to secure loan or grow your business
  • Recommendations that will help you


In case you have been searching for loan online without much success or you think nothing works in Nigeria.


…..all what you need to do is to, be positive, open your my minds, stop the negative thought that makes you think things are no possible read this story to the end, be proactive and start taking actions.

Stop blaming government……

Stop blaming the country….

It is your life and you must succeed…..


So if you want to succeed, read to the end……..

Here is my experience…….



This story may be long…. Don’t skip anything, if you skipped any word, you may miss it all…. It is simple


The Early 2005 And After School Hustles

I left school around June 2005. I studied Mass Communication and my resolution was to start a business and never to work for other people for long time. So I can say that entrepreneurship has grown in my DNA. It was a crazy decision.


I was offered a job as a School administrator, I rejected it….

I got a job offer at Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State on platter of gold…. Guess what I rejected it….

It was crazy….. I was just obsessed with running my own business…..



I developed entrepreneurship trait during my term as the Student Union President Of My School… Yes I was a student leader.

We used to called our own style of Aluta the “Diplomatic and Progressive Aluta to Infinity”

This period helped me discovered myself and I was determined to succeed….

That’s was the only motivation I had then……

No Capital…… No supporter….No loan …. No Investor…..but was not easy to start but today I love those decisions I took……


How did I turn all these to multi million Naira business using other people’s money?

You need to read to the end….


The Pan African Communication Days

In My desire to set up my business, I attended web design training and later a Computer and Networking Engineering training In Lagos. ….and that was the game changer. How I raised money for these training was another long story for another day. The truth is that I raised the money myself…..

I went ahead to create a company then know as Pan African Communications. That’s the Genesis of all I have today.


No Office, No Capital, No Experience

After The series of trainings and seminars plus a lot of readings and self development, I started pushing. I had no supporter. I had no capital to start. I started in My Brother’s room with no experience.

All what I had was determination to succeed, entrepreneurship drive and my new ICT skills


The Afrikgold International and N200,000 Savings And JFK Office

I started promoting my new business with direct marketing. No formal training in marketing but during my Student union days, I have learnt how to write proposals to organizations and that’s was one of the best skills I took out of my Diplomatic Aluta days.


After some months, I saved some monies … I bought all the tools I needed one after the order. The flash drive, computer, laptop, scanner, internet modems, etc

It took me a very long time to save about N200, 000 secure an  office suite at JFK Plaza here in Lagos.


Don’t let me deceive you; it’s not easy to start from scratch….. It will take you times unless you are very lucky. You will need a lot of self discipline and scarifies to save money and make a break….


It would have been easier if I got a loan or something……

During this period I didn’t have enough money for marketing and this slowed down my sales and projections….


I was just moving in a slowly until I got a free loan of N10, 000,000 ….. Yes TEN MILLION NAIRA

I had never knew it was possible for an upcoming business to access funding easily in Nigeria.

How I did that….. Just read on….


The NTA Live and The Game Changer

One Thursday morning around November 2011, I stumbled on a Live Programme on NTA. It was launching of a National Business Plan Competition programme Called Youth Enterprise With Innovations -YOUWIN!


I didn’t always like to watch NTA and like any other young Nigerians, I didn’t trust government programme. I thought it was one of those political things.

However, I got inspired by the speech of the then Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. She made it clear that it will be transparent and merit based. …and because she was not known to be a politician, I trusted her judgment.


The programme didn’t require payment of any fee to apply and it was purely online application processes and World Bank and Lagos Business Schools Lekki were involved.


What am I waiting for?

That was the question I asked myself… I watched the programme to the end as then President Goodluck Jonathan launched the website. I quickly wrote down the website.

I removed all doubts from my mind and rushed to the internet. I browsed every page in the website and read everything. I registered immediately.

I copied all the information needed.


To be honest with you the application process was not Child’s play but I love the process because it seems that I had prepared for it.
  • The Business Concept Note Submission
  • The Five Day Training on Business Plan Writing
  • The Business Plan Submission
  • The Selection Process
  • The Announcement

It was tedious …..

YOUWIN! guys

I had big dream in my head that lack of fund was holding me. I wanted

to create a big ICT firm with a different but NO MONEY….NO MONEY….NO MONEY….. My saving

s were not enough for my lofty dreams…..

These happen to every starter…..

Now Let’s Get To The facts About YOUWIN! Programme:
  • About 110,000 young Nigerians applied with their business concept notes
  • Only about 80000 completed their applications
  • 6000 were selected for second stage and business plan training
  • The process was administered by Lagos business School, London Schools For Start Ups and supervised by Word Bank, DFID and other international agencies.
  • Less than 6000 participated in the training and submitted their business plan
  • 1200 youths and business plans were selected for free loan(grant)
  • Lagos took the lion shares of this program with about 250 beneficiaries
  • I was among these beneficiaries
  • I was among the best six selected for First bank Award with extra cash of N500,000
  • I was the best in entire South West Nigeria


Why am I telling you all these?

I am not telling you to impress you, but I want you to get it right and inspired you.

It simple…. Stop doubting every opportunity around you. Don’t give up. Don’t think that everything is a scam. Be realistic.

Keep trying until you succeed…

When you succeed you shall smile like I do…..



The YouWiN Grant And Conditions that make it a loan

I know you might be thinking YOUWIN! Grant was free money…. NO! NO!  NO!

The conditions attached to it were so tough.

The Money were Released in 4 Tranches. You have to accomplish some milestone before you can get the next tranche.

Lot beneficiaries didn’t make it to the end. A lot got just the first tranche and that was the end because they failed to achieve the set milestones.


We had different set of supervisors who monitor all the beneficiaries before you can get a kobo. They are:
  • The SMEDAN Officials
  • The Officials of London School For Startups, who are business development consultants
  • And The YOUWIN! Secretariat Ministry of Finance, Abuja
  • And The Central Bank Of Nigeria


You have to pass through these tough guys to get your money.  Among them all the SMEDAN officials were the most dangerous. You know how a civil servant can be jealous of young man collecting N10, 000,000 just because of a Business Plan Competition.


Some of them with a simple mistake, they will not approve you.

For example because my first tranche of N1,000,000 was not enough to kickstart something good to avoid waste and I refused to spend it, the SMEDAN official attached to me refused to approve until I spent them to acquires some tools and applications.


What are the Milestones set for me?
  • The 12 New Jobs
  • And N2, 000,000 Monthly Turn Over
  • Taxpaying to all levels of government
  • Salary accounts for staff
  • The staffs must not be your relatives
  • Signing of Legal Agreements
  • 3 Guarantors
  • Recommendations letter from Guarantor with a Zeal of Notary Public By A Notary Public Lawyer
  • And more


You can now see that this is not just a free money but a tougher  funding than  loan!


This Business Plan Competitions ran for about 3 years and about 3900 young Nigerians benefited. Forget the lies you might have had about the programme. I can assure you programme was transparent and merit based.

I am a testimony….


Although the programmed ended with Jonathan government but there are other initiatives you can take advantage of.

Read to the end ….



Exposure To Concept Of Making Money From Other People’s Money

With my success with YOUWIN! Program, I realized that it is easier to grow with other people’s money than saving for a long time.

I discovered how the rich were getting richer with loans, grants and opportunities around them.

I started exploring opportunities around.

The commercial bank won’t give small business loans without strong commercial viability and collateral. At time when you have all, they will still not trust you or take the risks of funding your business.


Also, I discovered that some of my clients like Dr Okon , Apsotle Ojo  a lots of other schools provided services to, have been using  a particular Microfinance Bank loan to grow their schools from rented building to their own permanent sites. They used Loan Without Collateral in Nigeria to grow their schools. Not loan from another country.


A lot people think it’s not possible to get loan without collateral in Nigeria. I am a living testimony of how to get loan without collateral in Nigeria with ease.


It took me sometimes before I found out this.

Great Discovery of Barely known Opportunities.


My goals become larger and vision became bigger. I needed more loans to expand my business and meet personal needs while I nurture Afrikgold International Technologies Ltd.


To achieved these visions and actualized set goals, I started researching for more loans, grants, funding and especially Loan Without collateral In Nigeria to fund my business expansions.


I was amazed at what was discovered.  I realized that there are hundreds of ways to get loan without collateral in Nigeria.

I have used the results of researches to get easier Loan Without Collateral in Nigeria here. This same Nigeria that we think nothing works.


For Example:

I approached SMI, an NGO that is run like business, wrecession easy loanho are into microfinance and other lenders to raised funds for my business expansion and setting up of new businesses.

I have gotten Loans without Collateral again….and again from some of these organizations since 2015. In fact, these organizations have helped me to survive the recession that started in 2016.


I now have two additional businesses: The Murbel Communications- a digital business, eCommerce and web solutions company that has invested in millions of Naira into could server solutions and Estate Envoys- a real estate agency who deal with property development and marketing and other business.


I have also participated in another government Loan programme through Bank Of Industry.

The truth is that there a lots opportunities out there.


The Big loan  from an International Seed Capital Company

Recently i go a big catch in funding and loan for my business. I have a business plan about Gas Plant lying idle on my computer’s hard drive after.

The business plan is about running a profitable gas plant business.  My new company Murbel Gas just got a whooping sum of Thirty Seven Millionaire Naira (N37, 000,000) loans to finance this new business.

It was one of the biggest business adventures of my live. I look forward to the success of this business.

Why do  you need other people’s money to grow?

Unless you have access to a lot of money or you inherited some cash from your parents, from time to time you will need money from others to grow faster.

As big as Dangote is, he has loans in billions of dollars. MTN  just raised money recently for their business.

These are big guys you will say….. but you can also take advantage of loan opportunities around you.


If you are looking for loan without collateral or easy loan, all what you need is enough  information .

Forget about all the scams you see online everyday that doesn’t work.

Don’t pay anybody to get loan….. This post is too long already


How can you also get loan without Collateral in Nigeria?

In order to help a lots of Nigerians get loan without collateral in Nigeria from any location in Nigeria, I have put my experience and researches into a book called EASY LOAN WITHOUT COLLATERAL.

I recommend you get a copy of the book Easy Loan Without Collateral.Easy Loan Without Collateral



I know you might say I don’t need book, I just need loan…. How do you get loan if you don’t have the required information of WHERE AND HOW TO GET LOAN WITHOUT COLLATERAL?




There  are a lots of junks information and falsehoods on the internet…….. If you keep on searching from today till tomorrow, you may not find anything concretes.


The truth is that its not everybody that have the required information on how to get loan without collateral in Nigeria. So they can’t give what they don’t have.


So inside the book EASY LOAN WITHOUT COLLATERAL, you will learn about 16 barely know organizations that are a giving between N50, 000 to N10, 000,000 loan without collateral in Nigeria. Plus an international seed capital company that gave me N37, 000, 0000 to finance my gas plant. They have offices all over Nigeria.


You will discover the top secrets I used to get loans and funding for my business that you can’t get anywhere online.

Yes you can Google from today till next year…. What you see all over internet are loan scams and those who are genuine, give loan to salary earners alone.



Get all the information you need in my book Easy Loan without Collateral.



How I shared the same information in this book and my experiences with a few people and the result was amazing.


I provide guide and shared the same information with Kenny who is an automobile technician, he now has two coaster civilian buses for transport business. He now has contract with Bishop Oyedepos’s Winner Chapel to help move members to Canaan land during their programmes, especially every Sunday.



The story of Joke who got loan to  push her foodstuffs business and later travel abroad is amazing to me. I help paid up the loan as she sent it to me. Although the lenders were not aware she wanted to travel. I have to help her out.





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