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Download Your Own Free Copy of How to Save Money on Software Licensing:Software licensing is a necessity for any business, but that doesn’t mean everyone should accept a single licensing option as one-size-fits-all for any given operation.


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There are numerous variables that, when considered in the bigger picture of day-to-day operations, may impact the overall efficiency and cost of your company’s software use. This includes the software installed on every computer or laptop, how frequently applications are used, what software should be placed on servers and more.

This eBook offers step-by-step instructions on how to maximize your company’s software use, including data examples that can help clarify the ways that software licensing can be used to maximize efficiency, optimize business processes, ensure legal protection and save money.

In this 22-page eBook, you will learn how to:
Determine what software your business actually needs
Contain software costs
Recoup licensing costs



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