Easy Loan Without Collateral: An Intro

 Easy Loan Without Collateral is already selling in the market. I sold hundreds of copy during prelaunch and the sale is still flowing while the price is also going up gradually. I am happy with the success stories around the book and that’s why I am writing this.

This  connect you with hidden opportunities to get money to finance your projects, grow your business or meet personal needs. If I refused to give this out for free, you might not really have idea of what you are missing. Read everything in this report and take recommended actions. You will forever be grateful for following up .


Easy Loan Without Collateral is a products of my over 12 years experience as a self employ youth, entrepreneur and business Manager. When I started my ICT firm in 2005, there was nobody I could ask for funding. There was no single organization that I could approach to get funding for my new dream. I didn’t have enough information to access funding from existing lenders.


The banks will definitely ask for collateral's and will like to see my business plan. I didn’t have any of this. Even if I have, no bank in Nigeria will be willing to give loan to a service based business. Even if they offered me loan, the interest rate is enough to send me back to my village.

Nigeria is a country without good credit system. In order countries, with your credit card you can access funding faster and sought out your needs before the end of the month. You can also secure overdraft from your bank to meet immediate needs. All these are virtually non existence or difficult to access in our country. You pay for virtually everything you need upfront as a small business.

Big businesses may have access to loans from banks but the killing interest rates are enough to bring down business empires. Sometime last year, AMCON an agency of Federal Government of Nigeria took over the management of Silverbird Group, just because they were finding it difficult to meet their loan obligations, because of economic situation of the country. Instead of government to bail the company out, they went after them to kill the business. I would have taken them a lot of behind the scene negotiations to save the owners from losing out totally.

The most unfortunate situation is the, carefree attitude of most public office holders in Nigeria on the need to grow businesses. This is another issue that bothered me those days. I have to start without capital and struggled to where I am now. How I survived it is a story for another day.


Saying all these is not to make government look bad but to let you know the peculiar Nigeria situation. As a business owner, you are on your own.  However, Easy Loan Without Collateral will show you how to access loans without stress as self employed or entrepreneur.


The core objective behind Easy Loan Without Collateral is to help individual, business owners, self employed, aspiring business owners, students, parents, and entrepreneurs alike, is to provide information on how they can access funding without the much trouble associated with loan in Nigeria. You can now pursue your dream easily.


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You are on a path to make new discoveries that will positively affect the way you pursue you dreams. You can access loans without running to commercial banks or wait endlessly for government. Make sure you read every word in this book. This will help you a lots.


Accessing loans for business startups, expansion, student loans, and mortgage loan will not be difficult for you henceforth. With Easy Loan Without Collateral, you will learn how to access loans as small as N50, 000 and up to millions of naira without stress, without collateral or killing interest.

It is important for you know that none of this organizations, I am about to share with you, are not interested in throwing away money but to help you and also remain in business. So you have to proof to them that you are serious and responsible before they can lend you ONE NAIRA. They are not Father Christmas, but if you are committed and trustworthy, you can grow fast working with some of them.


This book breaks everything down for you with virtually all the information you need to access loan for your dream and business. This is not academic book but a guide to access loan without trouble.


Also, you need to understand that almost nothing in life is free and loans are no different. Loans are basically a seemingly non complicated way of lending and borrowing, but if one were to take the time to read the fine print, it could probably paint quite a scary picture. A loan is an advancement of money or something of value with the promise or a bargain struck between the parties involved to redeem the full sum with or without interest within a stipulated period of time.


Although banks are the most popular avenues from which to seek out a loan from there are also other lending establishments that function sole for the purpose of facilitating loan arrangements. This will be the focus of this book.


There are two very basic types of loans which are the secured one and the unsecured one. The secured ones are based on some kind of acceptable collateral being offered in place of the loan which may include anything of value such as property, stocks, bond and others, and the unsecured one doesn’t offer anything.


The basics of a business loan is very similar to that of other types of loans, which is the agreement struck between parties to lend a stipulated amount for a business where upon payment is returned with interest to the borrower over a fixed period of time.


These loans can be gotten from different sources of which banks are usually featured as the first choice as they generally do not own any part of the business and are just in the agreement to make money through the interest earned on the principal amount lent.


There are also equity investors, involving establishments or individuals who are willing to lend a sum of money in return for a vested interest in the business which usually comes in the form of shares in the said business.


In trying to minimize the possible occurrences of defaulting on payments, or not being able to make payments at the stipulated times and therefore incurring further interest on already outstanding amount one should consider consolidation the loans altogether.


In this book, I am going to be introducing you NGOs, Microfinance institutions, Government corporations/agencies and private businesses that are willing to lend you money to pursue your dream. In fact there is one of these organizations that mandates each of her credit officers to disburse at least N2, 500, 000 every month, This is a target they must meet before they are guarantee of salary.

You may be surprise to hear this but this is the blunt truth. You will soon find out. Take time to read this book from the beginning to the end.


Easy Loan Without Collateral shows each of the organizations that offers loans without collaterals, their different types of loans, their terms and contacts. Please, it’s important to know I don’t work as agent for this organizations and I don’t represent them. I found out about their activities as results of my research on how I can fund my business expansion without troubles of Nigeria commercial and microfinance banks.


This is not an academic book but solution based guide. So ignore any grammatical error you may notice and focus on the guide and its information.

Please note that, only innovations, creativity and hard work that can get you maximum results. Now, go ahead read the book and take action in immediately. Thank you.


Get your own copy of Easy Loan Without Collateral here

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