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​Discover The Top Expert Secrets on How To ​Build Successful 7 Figures Digital Business ​From Nothing.

Digital Business Academy Is A Complete Knowledge Bank, That Provides Access To Digital Business Courses, That Anyone Can Learn From And Make SERIOUS Money Online in 2019 And Forever. 

​Digital Business Academy Will Show You Everything You Need To Know To Kick-Start Your Digital Business ​such as:

  • eCommerce Top Skills
  • Product Launch Secrets
  • ​Internet Marketing
  • Membership Site Money Spinning Secrets
  • ​Products Creation, Development And Launching

From The Desk Of Muri Bello

Dear Friend,

What if you have  access to a complete knowledge bank, that will help you become a successful  Internet Marketer, eCommerce guru and 7 Figures Internet Entrepreneur, with Easy to Follow Step by Step Video Courses?

​Will you take action if, these courses show you how to create, develop, launch, promote and make money from you’re your own successful internet based business?

With the 'Digital Business Academy' you will discover the exact methods, secrets and expert skills that will help you create your own 7 figures digital businesses in various niches, times and times again.

A unique knowledge bank with 'Step By Step' video courses on various topics that will help you create, develop, promote and make huge profits with your own internet businesses.

With Digital Business Academy, making money with eCommerce, information products, membership website, software, affiliate marketing is not difficult.

​You just need to follow a few simple steps and get yourself ​fully organized...

I know what it's like to be confused or overwhelmed by the whole products creation, development and launching processes and I used to spend endless hours asking myself the same questions over and over again like any one struggling to grow internet business:

  • How do I create my product?
  • Where do I start from?
  • How can launch my own products?
  • How do I write my sales copy?
  • How do I get affiliates to promote my products?
  • Where should I promote my products?
  • Can I launch my own ecommerce business?
  • Can I launch my own software business?
  • Can I make money from affiliate marketing?
  • How can I launch my own membership website?
  • How can I launch my own ​Software As A Service- SAAS?
  • Can I do it?
  • ​How do I make sure that my products continue to make me money?
  • ​And Other Numerous Qustions That You May have In Your Mind

But now, I don't need to ask these questions anymore and I don't want you to ask either, that's why I created the Digital Business Academy.

Once you have answers to all the​ aforementioned questions, then it’s EASY to make it big! 

Who Is This For?

If you are a newbie or an intermediate internet entrepreneur struggling to succeed online, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED.

Stop running after SHINNING OBJECTS.

Keep reading to find out more...

​So why should you listen to me?

Muritala Osuolae Bello is a realist, idealist, serial and visionary entrepreneur. He is an IT Consultant, eCommerce Solutions Expert, Web Solutions Developer, Mobile App Developer, Digital Marketing Expert , Trained Journalist, Digital Media Executive and Author. I am the publisher and founder of Muritala.com.  I am a serial entrepreneur and a Business Growth and Development Fanatic. I am a ​ Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Media Practitioner, Information and Communication Technology Instructor, ​ and Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development Advocate.

I am the author of Easy Loan Without Collateral , Write Business Plan With Ease, Mobile App Millionaire Course and Series of other courses that are available on my store.

I am The CEO/Founder of Murbel Communications, Estate Envoy and Afrikgold International Technologies Ltd. I have trained over five thousands students various ICT skills since 2005.

​Let me show you the same sets of skills and knowledge that has helped me made thousands of dollars as beginner without a mentor or coach.

​AS an internet entrepreneur, you can make any amount of money you had ever dreamt of.​$1000, $10,000, $100,000, $1000,000 and more.

​It’s not difficult. You just need the rights skills and knowledge and skills.

Let me be honest with you!

Digital Business has been a part time business for me for a while but with the results I've been getting using the same skills detailed in the ' Digital Business Academy’, I now run full time internet businesses.

Few years ago, I was in the position that a lot of internet business newbie’s or struggling internet marketers find themselves in, I just couldn't  create the kind of system will bring me the kind of money that I want.

Maybe you've found yourself in a similar position..

​It was time to do things a little bit differently!

I bought couples of courses that promised heaven on earth. I enrolled in membership programmes. I attended seminars, conferences and bootcamps. I took part in webinars and Facebook live trainings. I watch videos, read books and download softwares.  

I put in lots efforts to crack the codes….

It took a while, but I later discovered what works and what don’t work. I discovered what can waste your time for years and what can get you your desired result in few weeks or months. , That these are what I’m going to share with you in the Digital Business Academy.

​Check Out These Free Courses.....

​These are just few of the free bonus courses that you will get free of charge..... The premium courses are superb....

The Real Beauty of this...

While starting up as a part-time business, I was making around $5000/month and you can do the same if you are just starting.

You could really scale it up and work at it full-time and watch your income increase FAST.

You can make something like these too:

​I have been in the internet business game for over 10 YEARS - and have used many different platforms.
I make money from ecommerce, affiliate marketing, blogging, digital products, consultancy, mobile apps, coaching and mentorship……

BUT - There’s A Problem

You may not know that there are A MUCH Better, Far More Profitable Ways to make money online without stress!

You will become and expert and professional with success stories in few weeks to come…..

​Introducing “​Digital Business Academy Premium


Digital Business Academy Is A Complete Knowledge Bank, That Provide Access To Digital Business Courses, That Anyone Can Learn From And Make SERIOUS Money Online in 2019 And Forever.

​You will discover Top Expert Secrets on How to Build Successful 7 Figures Digital Business from Nothing. It include series of video courses and expert skills that will help you succeed online, make thousands of dollars and build a successful internet business empires like the gurus, you look up to or wonder about how they made it to the top.

Join thousands of Internet entrepreneurs, who already taking advantage of Digital Business Academy to build their own digital business empires.

Yes, you too can make it!

Inside Digital Business Academy, ​you will discover how EXACTLY ​ ​you can build  your own Digital Business Empire, even if you’re brand new … OR how to maximize profits from existing efforts.

​The Digital Business Academy has two goals!

​ To help you become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur…. And make you a tons of money...

  • 1
    ​Over 50 Video Courses: You will get access to download over 50 premium videos courses from different subjects.
  • 2
    ​Over 400 topics: ​Plus access to learn from over 700 topics and in make money niches.
  • 3
    ​Over 500 videos: ​With access to over 500 quality videos in chapters that you cant get anywhere.

What will you learn from Digital Business Academy?

​Here are the breakdown of all the course topics and contents that you can’t afford to miss. With Digital Business Academy, you don’t need trainings from anywhere again:

​Digital Business Academy Bronze Video Courses

  • check
    ​Beginner Guide To WordPress
  • check
    ​Advanced WordPress Guide
  • check
    ​WordPress Bootcamp
  • check
    ​WordPress Bootcamp Advanced
  • check
    ​How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site
  • check
    ​How To Prevent Hacker From Hacking Your WordPress Site
  • check
    ​How To Monetize Your Blog
  • check
    ​How To Create Profitable Authority Blog
  • check
    ​Blogging For Experts
  • check
    ​How To Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • check
    ​Free Facebook Traffic Generation
  • check
    ​Facebook Live Marketing Bootcamp
  • check
    ​Facebook Live Guide
  • check
    ​How To Start Your eCommerce Business
  • check
    ​Your Shopify Guide
  • check
    ​Shopify Smart Guide
  • check
    ​How To Start Your Dropshipping Business
  • check
    ​How Create A Successful eCommerce Store
  • check
    ​eCommerce Super Steps
  • check
    ​Ebay Firesale Guide
  • check
    ​Amazon Firesale Guide
  • check
    ​Dropshhiping Top Secrets
  • check
    ​$10,000 A Month Blueprint 

​​Digital Business Academy Silver Plan Courses

  • check
    ​All Digital Business Academy Bronze Video Courses
  • check
    ​Advanced WSO Tips
  • check
    ​Amazon S3 Hosting For Beginner
  • check
    ​Copywriting Guide
  • check
    ​Copywriting Skills Development Live Workshop
  • check
    ​Create Video With Camtasia  (Beginner To Advanced Course)
  • check
    ​How To Build Evergreen Internet Business
  • check
    ​How To Build Your Own 7 Figures Online Business
  • check
    ​How To Carve Your Niche For Profitable Membership Site
  • check
    ​How To Kickstart Your WordPress Membership Site
  • check
    ​How To Start Your First Membership Site
  • check
    ​Monthly Membership Blueprint
  • check
    ​How To Create 5 Figures Funnel Profits
  • check
    ​How To Create And Manage Your Own WSO
  • check
    ​How To Master Amazon S3
  • check
    ​How To Sell Your Products On WarriorPlus
  • check
    ​How To Set Up Sales Funnel For Your Products
  • check
    ​Mega Product Launch Template
  • check
    ​Product Launch Anatomy
  • check
    ​Product Launch Jacking
  • check
    ​Product Launch Tips
  • check
    ​Products Creation Success Keys
  • check
    ​Tips And Tactics To Make More Money From WSO
  • check
    ​WSO Cash Code

These are all what you need to succeed. Stop running after shinning object. Either you are a complete beginner or you have been struggling to make money, here are the courses that create the break through you have been looking for.

Just download any one of them by niches, study them, take actions and start making money immediately.

​What will you gain from Digital Business Academy?

  • You will have access to all knowledge you need to build your own profitable digital business empire
  • You will be able to build your own ecommerce business empire
  • You will be able to build your own ecommerce store
  • You will be able to create, develop, launch and promote profitable products
  • You will be able to create websites, blogs, sales page, graphics and all the tools to promote you own business
  • You will be able to write your own sales copy
  • You will able to recruits army of affiliate that will promote your products
  • You will be able to create recurring membership or SAAS based online businesses
  • You will be able to build your own ecommerce business empire
  • You will be able to make money promoting other peoples products as affiliate or JV partner
  • You will be able to build list and drives sales for you solo products launch
  • You will become overnight  internet business guru
  • You will be able to create and edit your own video courses like professionals
  • You will save a lots of money you may need to outsource by doing it yourself
  • You will be free from shinning objects products that don’t bring any results
  • And whole lots skills you need to succeed online

See what my customers have to say about my ​products:

​This Is All What You Need ​To Succeed Online!

​Digital Business Academy course give you everything you need to become a successful online entrepreneur, well almost everything! You also need to be completely committed to the courses in Digital Business Academy’ and taking that all important ACTION…

This is the Knowledge Bank For Your Success Story

​But saying all that, I am so confident that these courses will give you the knowledge and the tools to become a great success with your internet business that I am offering this…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If ​after downloading any ten of the courses over the next ​​30 days and you are not satisfied, just let ​me know and ​I'll send you a prompt refund.

I believe this is fair enough for you and 1. I am very sure you will get more than just value for you money.

This ​ ​Current Offer ​Expires In The Next....

Digital Business Academy ​SILVER PLAN

​​Instead of ​$​5000, Pay $29 today!​​



/One Time Fee

  • ​Over 25 Courses Plus All Digital Business Academy Bronze Plan Video Courses
  • ​One Time Fee No Recurring Payments
  • ​Life Time Access: You Can Come Back & Download All Your Courses Anytime
  • ​Plus Extra 35 Free Bonus Courses
  • Access To Group Mentorship Programme
  • ​ Free Access To My 3D eCover Creator Software

GET INSTANT ACCESS TO Digital Business Academy Silver Plan Courses NOW

​Even if you’re ‘on the fence’ about whether this product and all the great bonuses are for you, why not just give it a go?

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To Your Success,

Muri Bello

P.S.: ​If you've tried to make money online before and failed then it isn't your fault. You just need to follow a Proven Step by Step Formula and then watch your new business make some SERIOUS MONEY!

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