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About The Publisher:

Muritala Osuolae Bello is a realist, idealist, serial and visionary entrepreneur. He is an IT Consultant, eCommerce Solutions Expert, Web Solutions Developer, Mobile App Developer, Digital Marketing Expert , Trained Journalist, Digital Media Executive and Author. I am the publisher and founder of Muritala.com.  I am a serial entrepreneur and a Business Growth and Development Fanatics.

I am a Web Solutions Developer, Mobile App Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Media Practitioner, Information and Communication Technology Instructor, IT Consultant and Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development Advocate.


I am the author of Easy Loan Without Collateral , Write Business Plan With Ease, Mobile App Millionaire Course and Series of other courses that are available on my store.

I am The CEO/Founder of Murbel Communications, Estate Envoy and Afrikgold International Technologies Ltd. I have trained over five thousands students various ICT skills since 2005.

I started my First IT Company-Pan African Communications, from my brother’s room in 2005, without capital from anywhere, which later became Afrikgold International Technologies Ltd. I am serial entrepreneur. I love creating businesses and helping people succeed online.

Muri with Goodluck

My Company caught the attention of Former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Her Ministry and Former President Goodluck Jonathan. I was awarded as one of the best six outstanding young entrepreneurs in Nigeria in year 2012, by The Ministry of Finance and The Former President Goodluck Jonathan, with the support of First Bank of Nigeria Plc and Pan Atlantic University/Lagos Business School, Lekki, on April 12th 2012.

Check what the media have to say about me. I will be glad to help your or your business to grow.



About Muritala.com:

Muritala.com  is a Blog, Training Portal, Academy designed for  Digital Business Education, Internet Marketing Resources,Digital Marketing Magazine , eCommerce Education, and Hub for free Products.

You will also learn about Google Adsense, Google Ads, Bing Marketing, Facebook Marketing, GooglePlus Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Forum Marketing , Search Engine Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing And More.


What is Muritala.com?

muritala.com is a blog and  for digital marketing, digital business,, business in a box business solutions, premium content, blogging information, internet business, eCommerce, wealth creation information, internet marketing, entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. Muritala Osuolale Bello is the publisher of muritala.com.

Our mission is to help our audience and subscribers to create wealth via the digital world, digital knowledge and have access to premium resources to help the create massive and legal wealth on the internet.muritala magazine

Do you want to make money online? Do you want to learn Web Development? Do you want to become wordpress expert? Do you want to learn how to blog for business? Do you want to learn Digital Marketing? Are you looking for private label rights products? Do you want to learn how to sell online? Or maybe you are looking for email marketing, affiliate marketing, sales funnel building, social media marketing, search engine marketing or search engine optimization SEO. This is the best p place to learn.


We will show you how to make money online and create wealth on the internet. We will teach you how to start or run business online. We will give you free products to download. You can also join our our membership programmes to download thousand of  Private Label Rights Products.

What can i do with   Private Label Rights Products? You can learn new skills them. You can make money from them by reselling them. you can use it to set up your own membership programme. You can use it to create your own information products or digital products, such as books, videos, audios, webinars, etc.

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The Blog section is a nexus of quality free and premium resources in niches like mobile app development, business development, entrepreneurship, loan opportunities for small businesses,  grant opportunities for small businesses, make money opportunities, affiliate marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, internet business, information marketing, start your own business, search engine optimization SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, Facebook ads, google ads, blogging,  and more.

Digital Business Academy:

Digital Business Academy online portal and membership programme created to empower your with profitable skills digital marketing, digital business, business in a box business solutions, premium content, blogging information, internet business, eCommerce, wealth creation information, internet marketing, entrepreneurship , Software As A Service-SASS and economic empowerment.


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Our store has various digital product that covers interest like internet marketing, internet business, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, Facebook marketing, mobile app development, Loan  Without Collateral, Membership opportunities, WordPress, Joomla, Web Designing, Web Development, Hosting and more.

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