32 Ways To Make Money Online

Making money online is not difficult. Knowing how to make money online is what you may not know. There a lot ways to make money online.  Have you heard that there tons of ways to make money online?  You might be asking yourself questions like, how come am I not making  money online, if truly there tons of ways to make money online?

Let me tell you something. People like you make money online.  In fact they make a lot of money online. To be honest with you, you can also make tons of money online.  This is absolute truth. What you need to find out are: how are people making money online, how to make tons of money online, ways to make money online and where to make money online.


You are not the only one that may be looking for how to make money online or ways to make money online. I have a lot of my subscribers asking me questions like:  pleas Muri how to make money? Can make money online?  Is it possible to earn money online? What online business in Nigeria can I invest in or make money in? How to make money online in Nigeria? How to make money online home?


What inspired me to write this article is series of question I got from my subscribers from Nigeria, who asked me similar question which are peculiar to their locations and skills level. I got questions like: how to make money online in Nigeria? I am beginner, so how to make money online for beginners? What are the legitimate ways to make money online? How to make money online for free? How to make money online with Google? How to make money online without paying anything?


You might be surprise or not. There are people like you who are looking how to make money online. In this report- 32 Ways To Make Money Online, I will open yours eyes to 32 different way to make money online in 2019 and beyond.


Let warn you, if you are looking from getting rich quick schemes or how to make money doing nothing or where to just put money and go and sleep and come back later to collect time 10 of your investment, this report is not for you.


However, if you are looking for sustainable and scalable ways to make money online and create a system that will continue to make money for you in the next ten years, make sure you read to the end.  I have assembled about 32 different ways you can make money online from.


Web Development Agency

May be you don’t know, Running a web agency is one of the fastest ways to make money online. Every business is going digital and nobody wants to lag behind.  There are lots of web agencies around the world. So, you can you join them to make money aslo?

What will you be doing? You just need to consult and create website for individuals, marketers, businesses and big corporations. You can specialize in a niche or combine multiple niches to serve. For example, you can specialize on creating eCommerce websites for your clients.

Making money from web design or web development is very rewarding and profitable.  You need skills like WordPress, HTML, PHP, ASP.Net, Joomla, etc. If you are not a programmer, you can specialize on the use of WordPress, Magento, Shopify and couple of other tools.

You can make between $250 to $25,000 per project. You can even make more. It depends on the type of project.  All what you need to do to start, is to learn how to design or develop websites.

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Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing service is one of the best ways to earn income online. As a Digital Marketing Agency owner, you will be helping individuals and businesses to promote their businesses online.  You will be conducting marketing researches and run marketing campaigns for your clients. You help them sell their products, they make more money, they pay you, your clients are happy and you happy.


A win win situation for all of you. So if you want to make money online fast, want to earn good money online, make tons of money fast, you are looking for how make money quick or wants online way to make money, start a Digital Marketing Agency.  The basic thing to do if you want to start Digital marketing Agency is to enroll for digital marketing training. This is one of the easiest ways to make money.


Social Medial Agency

Like Digital marketing Agency, you can make money specializing on only social media platforms as your service area. In fact you can focus on Facebook marketing alone.  Running a Social Media Agency includes managing social media campaigns fro your clients. You run research and develop and implement Social media marketing strategies to your clients and they pay for your website.

If you don’t know, social media marketing is a big deal now. Pick up social media marketing skills and start now.



Have you heard about freelancing or outsourcing before? Freelancers are individuals or freelancing agencies who are offering the skills they have or outsource their services to those who need them. They mostly use Freelance website like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr,etc.

So if you have skills like graphic design, programming, video editing, marketing funnel building, marketing research skills, accounting skills, product development, book writing, speech writing or sales copy writing or any other in demands skills, you can offer them on freelance websites or from your own marketing efforts.

The fastest away to make money from freelancing is to sign up on the freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fivver,etc.  You just need to sign up, build your profile and start bidding for contracts.


Affiliate Marketing

Making money from affiliate marketing is one the fastest ways to make money online. Yes, if you want to make money fast, start affiliate marketing.  You can sign up on affiliate platforms like JVZOO, Warriorplus, Warrior Forum, Clickbank and host of others.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing involves promoting other peoples products or services in exchange for commission. The sweetest about affiliate marketing is that, you don’t need to create products of your own. You just leverage on other people’s products and efforts to make money online.

Most of the time, the owner of the product, will create the products and the marketing materials for you. All what you need to do is to sign up, pick up the marketing materials and start promoting it.  You can recommend the products on your social media handles, blogs, or to your friends.

The owner of the products or services will reward you with commissions up to 100%. Yes 100%. In some affiliate platforms like JVZOO, WarriorPlus and others, you can also win launching or special prizes if you do well in the promotion. Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make money online fast.


Organize Webinar

Do you have something to offer? Do you have skills you can train others on? Then organizing a webinar can make you a lot of money from comfort of your home or office. Webinar is an online version of a physical seminar. So, instead of asking people to come to you venue, you just run the training online. People are paying a lot of money to attend webinars. I recently paid $1999 to attend a high ticket webinar on ecommerce.  It’s rewarding. You can charge any amount that your audience can afford.

Your seminar can be  a free one to generate lead for you products or services. You can organize webinar to teach people how to use you products or services. You can organize webinar to teach specific skills like Digital marketing, eCommerce, makeup, public speaking, research methodologies, business skills or any kind of training you can imagine.

How do I organize a webinar?  You can sign up for any webinar platforms like go to webinar, webinar jam, and any other ones. You will need video recording tools like phones, camera or screencast software like camstasia. You can also use tools like Facebook or YouTube live to run your webinar, but webinar websites are the best because of the automation.


Email marketing

Email marketing one of the tools the internet marketers use to make money online.  If you want to make sustainable income online or you want to continue to make money online, you need email marketing as your partner.  If you sell online or you intend to sell online, you need to generate a lot of leads. You will need email marketing to generate and nurture your leads until you convert them to a repeat customers.

Have you heard about the sayings, money is in the list. If you want to go into internet marketing, eCommerce, digital marketing, affiliate marketing or blogging, you need to build email list. You need to use email marketing to build you list.

To use email marketing, you will need email Autoresponders like Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Sendy , Mautic  and whole lots of others to start.

How do I make money with email marketing?  You can send affiliate offers to your list and get commission from the vendors. You can promote your own products or services to your list and generate sales from it.


Google Adsense

Making money from Google adsense means sharing advert revenues with the search engine giant- Google. So if you have a website, blog, news portal, online magazine, mobile apps or web application, you can sign up with Google adsense and add their codes to your platforms.  Google pays you for every valid click from your platforms. To make enough money from Google Adsense, you need to have enough traffic on your platforms.

Have you wonder how all those free blogs and magazine make money? Have you wondered , how those websites, web apps, mobile apps that you use free of charge to make money? Goggle adsense is one of their streets.  So go ahead and created your own platforms.



YouTube Channel

Running a YouTube Channel is one of the ways to make a lot of money online.  Have you wondered how those YouTubers makes money or why they upload free contents on YouTube. You probably might have watched free YouTube videos before now. Those videos are not being uploaded by spirits. The videos are been created by people like you.

How do I make money from my YouTube channels? Let me simplify it. Look for a niche or a passion. Look for the topics that people are looking for. Create video on it. Upload the video to YouTube.  You will be  paid  by YouTube for click on ads that shows up on your video like Google adsense.

You can also get people to pay you to watch your YouTube videos. That’s sound sweetest deal coming from YouTube. Go ahead and start creating good videos.


Instagram Marketing

Instagram content generation is one of those ways you can make money online. In fact you can make full time income on Instagram. Instagram is growing fast and a lot of people are spending more time on Instagram, maybe more than time they spend on watching TV. Most of the celebs you follow on Instagram are making a lots of money, in case you don't know. You can become Instagram start too.

Have a look at the numbers of Instagram celebrities that you are following. You watch their videos and read their content. You enjoy their pictures and giveaways.  Have you notice that they promote products, services and brand. They offer sponsored posts and endorse brand. Smartest among them sell their own products. You can also do what they do and make the money. So start now.


Mobile App Development Services

If you want to make big money online, start creating mobile apps now. Look at app like Uber for example; can you imagine how much the owner makes anytime people take cab ride worldwide? So if you are looking for how to make money online, mobile apps development is one of the best ways to make money online right now and in the future. Let me tell you something, mobile apps own the future. So start thinking of mobile apps or games that you can create now.mobile app millionaire course

How can I make money from Mobile Apps?  Look at the example of Uber I mentioned earlier. Create apps that solve problem and people will have your solutions. You can create mobile apps from free download and make money from Google, Facebook and other ads partners. Google Admob is your best bet. You can also create apps that people will pay to use.


If you don’t know how to create mobile Apps or you are not a programmer, get a copy of my course- Mobile app Millionaire Course: Visit https://www.muritala.com/shop  or https://www.muritala.com/app. You will be able to create mobile apps and games without any programming knowledge.



Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online.  Have you heard of successful top bloggers like Neil Patel , Gar Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Pat Flynn, Brian Clark,  Linda Ikeji,  Jide Ogunsanya, Noble Igwe, Japheth Omojuwa,  and host of others? These are bloggers or content creators that are making a lot of money from blogging. You can do the same.

How Do I make money from blogging? You can make money from blogging by placing ads from Google or any other third party ads companies, on your blog. You can promote affiliate products on your blog. You can sell digital products on your blog. You can sell physical products on your blog. You can also offer premium membership on your blog that your subscribers will have to pay to have access to.



Mini Importation Business

Have you heard of Mini Importation before? Have you seen someone promoting some products on Facebook asking you order and pay on delivery?  They may be mini importer. Mini Importation is a kind of business  with low budget, you can stay in your country and import cheap products from China without travelling to china and sell at high margin. You don’t need containers. You don’t need to buy dollars from Central Bank or Federal Reserve Of your country.

All what you need is to place order from Chinese website like www.1688.com, www.taobao.com, www.aliexpress.com, www.alibaba.com, etc, receive your order within short period of time and start selling to your local market. You can also sell online. To sell online successfully, you need digital marketing skills.

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eCommerce Business

Another way to make money online is to run an eCommerce business. eCommerce business simple means, selling products online.  You can create your own products online. You buy products from manufacturers and sell online. You can import products from other countries and sell to your audience.

You can sell on your own eCommerce website or sell online social media platforms.  You can sell on marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, Etsy, etc.  You can outsource production of products to experts, while you sell online. For example, you can ask a footwear maker to make good shoes for you or ask your local tailor to make good dresses for you, while you sell on your website or marketplace.


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Sell on Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce websites creation platform. It affords non web developers opportunity to set up online store without any development skills. If you are looking for ways to make money online fast, then start selling on Shopify. You can source for hot selling products, create a shopify store, list your products on the store and run ads to your store, you will make a lots of money. You can also sell your own products on shopify.


Start Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a model of eCommerce business, where you don’t need to stock products, own products or spend upfront money before starting your eCommerce business.  All what you need to do is to look for products that people want to buy, look for a supplier, have deal with suppliers, promote your products  to your target market, when they buy, get the supplier to send it directly to your buyers on your behalf.

You simply take money from your customers, pay the supplier and keep  you profit without sighting or touching any products.

Ali Express is one of the top source for dropshipper or suppliers for your dropshiping business. You can automate your dropshipping business with apps like oberlo or manage your dropshipping business manually.

If you are looking for online way to make money or moneymaking businesses or how to make money online fast with minimum upfront investment, Droppshipping is your best bet.


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Sell On Ebay Marketplace

Apart from selling on your website, social media handles or shopify, you can also list your products on Ebay marketplace. Ebay is a marketplace where different vendors sell their products. You can also take advantage of the plartform.

Sell ​ On Amazon Marketplace

If you want to make me money selling books, videos, games or physical products, amazon is your best friend. Amazon is the number one global eCommerce giant. So you can leverage on their name and infrastructure to your own advantage by listing your products on the website.


Sell On Local Marketplaces and Classified websites

Another fast way to make money online is to look for websites that help vendors sell their products on local market. You can list your products on websites like Jumia, Konga, smehub, Olx, Jiji, Craiglist, etc. With these websites, you can sell on them without having to own a website or run any marketing campaign of your own. They do all the jobs for you.


Sell Information Products

Apart from eCommerce businesses, another hot way to make money online is to sell information products. What are the information products?  Information products are the type products that you create, package, sell and deliver without sending any physical item to you end users.

Information Products can include ebook, video tutorial, audio book, blueprint, premade website etc. These are products that only requires you computer, phone, software, and web application to create.

This is one of the fastest ways to make money online.  Are you talented or do you have any skills or knowledge or experience that you need to share with people in return for money? then Information product development is a model of business you need to consider today.

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Sell On WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is an affiliate marketplace where you can sell your digital products such as eBooks, softwares, video courses, membership websites, webinars, masterminds, coaching, SAAS, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Shopify apps, shopify themes and whole of others.

The advantage of affiliate platforms like this is that, you don’t really have to spend so much on ads or marketing, because there are armies of affiliates willing to promote good products for commission.



Like WarriorPlus,JVZOO is an affiliate marketplace. Although you can sell physical product on the platform but digital products are the most popular. Digital products that you can sell include ebooks, softwares, video courses, membership websites, webinars, masterminds, coaching, SAAS, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Shopify apps, shopify themes, etc.

Like Warriorplus, there are armies of affiliates willing to promote good products for commission. All what you need to do is create good products. If you don’t know how to create products, you can outsource it to expert. You can also make money promoting other people’s product on the platform.


Sell On ClickBank

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace with a little bit of difference. You can sell different types of information products like eBooks, videos and physical product like supplement.  You can also get affiliate to promote your products for a commission that you set. You can make lots of money from Clickbank, promoting other people’s products.


​Offer Copywriting Services

Creating success full sales copies, ads copies, email swipes and marketing stories is one sought after skills on the internet right now.  So, if you can write a good copy that will deliver results, then you are on your way to make a lot of money.  Copywriters charge as high as @10,000 to create marketing materials. That’s a lot of money on the table for you to grab.

There are few good copywriters available and they are hot in demands. So if you are good at creative writing or storytelling, copywriting is one of the services you have to consider.

How do I start offering copywriting services? Pick up a Copywriting course, set up you website, create sample marketing materials that you can use to pitch, reach out to you potential clients, and pitch your stuffs to them. Start making tons of, money.



Set Up Recurring Membership Websites

One of the advanced ways to make a sustainable income online is to run a recurring membership website.  What is recurring membership website? This is type of website where your subscribers pay you recurring fees to have access to your content or services. They can pay you monthly, quarterly, annually or biannual or as you may want. The most important is that they pay you regularly.

Just imagine 1000 subscribers paying you $49 every month to use yourwebsite. That’s a whopping $49,000 every month. Anybody can set up recurring membership website. Bloggers, pastors, media houses, journalist, professionals, content providers and host of others who have something premium or exclusive to share with people,can create and run a successful membership website.


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Build A SAAS

SAAS means Software As A Service.  It simply means running software online instead of software that people can download. It can also be called a web application that people pay you to use. It like membership website too.  Examples of SAAS are Shopify, Hellor Bar, Vaultpress, Clickfunnell, Aweber, etc.

If you are looking for how to make money online in 2019 and beyond, SAAS is a business model you have to invest in. Look for a problem, create online software that solves the problem and charge people to use your service. Even if you are not a programmer, you can hire programmers to develop your SAAS for you.



Create A WordPress Plugins

WordPress is powering over 25% of the world websites right now and it’s not ready to stop. A lot people, businesses and big corporations are adopting the use of WordPress to create and manage their websites.  The niche is big and the potentials are great.

If you understand this, you will know that WordPress is a big business, that you have to focus on. If you can develop plugins using PHP and other tools, consider venturing into WordPress plugins development. You will make a lot of money from this. So, if you want to make money online in 2019, consider starting WordPress plugins development. You can also outsource it if you are not a programmer.


Create WordPress Theme

Like WordPress plugins, WordPress theme is another source to earn income online. A lot of WordPress users don’t have programming skills; so they rely on themes and extensions to run their websites. So if you can meet that demands by developing WordPress theme.

Are you looking for how to make money online creating solutions? Consider WordPress theme development.  You can create WordPress theme, that you can use membership model or SAAS to sell and make recurrent income from it. If you want to know how much you can make from WordPress theme, visits Theme forest and see how much sales theme developers are making.


WordPress Support Agency

A lots WordPress website developers and owners don’t have programming or server management skills, if their WordPress have issues, they need programmers and experts who can help them fix any issues. This is where your job as WordPress support agency comes in.

In case their website is hacked or not coming up or they are having problem with, .htaccess or they need to move their website to another server or they need just backup without issues, you can offer support for a fee or for recurrent management fee. So if you a programmer or WordPress guru, why can’t you help other keep their website running?  If you are looking for extra income online consider running, a WordPress support agency.


Create High Ticket Coaching & Mastermind Programme

Are you a professional, expert or consultant in a high in demand niche? Do you have the capacity to help people solve problems?  Do you have experience in a field, where you can help people succeed via coaching, training, mentorship, one -on-one coaching or group coaching, then consider offering this in a high ticket mastermind programme.

Just imagine charging $2000 per user to access your mastermind for just one month, 3 months or a year. If you have a lot of values to offer people and help them with their pain points, you can make good money online this year. You might be a life coach, relationship counselor, successful professional or an experience marketer; you can make a lot of money offering high ticket Mastermind and Coaching Programme


Run A News Portal

It looks like everybody is doing blogging, but I think only a few people a running a news portal.  Running a news portal like New York Times, Premium Times, The cable and whole lots of other online media will position you as an amazing platform that will generate a lot of cash for you if you can push it well.

You website will be seen as an online media, not just a blog. You will be seen as Publisher or journalist not as just a blogger. If you can run content driven News Portal, you will make a lot of money from this.

How do I make money online from News portal?  You can make money from News Portal via Google adsense, third party ads, in house ads, sponsored story, special event cover ages and commercial news.

You can also offer premium and exclusive contents to paid members via membership programme. That will be recurring income for you.


Online Courses

Have you bought an online course before? Have you paid for a course on Udemy before? Have you bought a video course before? If yes someone is making money from creation an online course that you learn from. If you are looking for ways to make money online or a super means of earning income online, then start thinking on how you can create courses that solve problems.

People will pay you if your course can help them make money, improve their lives, grow their business, sell online or solve any of their problems. You can create course on any topic or niches. You just need the skills to create a course and it’s not difficult. You can sell your course on your own website or blog. You can sell on Udemy or affiliate market place like JVZOO, WarriorPlus, etc.

You can also set up you own online course website like Allinson, Udemy, its. Your internet marketing skills and creativity is what you need to put at use.


So, if you want to make money online or you are online to make money or looking  for needed tools for making money or you are looking for how to make money online or want to make money online, any of those ways discussed in this report is your best bet.

If you want to make tons of money or looking for easiest way make money and how to make money online or maybe how to make money fast, start learning now.

You might be wondering that, how to start to use all these you have discovered in this report to make money online.

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