21 Simple Steps To Build A Bigger Email List

Why Do I Need To Worry About How To Build Email List?

There is a popular saying in the internet business community, that money is the list. If you want to succeed or make good money online, you need to build a responsive or buyers list. The bigger the size of your list, the better your chances of success in internet business or marketing.

However, a bigger list won’t bring a penny unless you have a responsive or buyers list. It depends on where you are starting from; you can always build a successful and responsive list that will be your source of continuous income or growth online.  It just requires some little and consistent efforts.

Every subscriber you have on your list, worth $1 a month. So if you have 10,000 subscribers on your list, you are expected to generate at least $10,000 every month. So the more subscribers you have the more dollars in your bank. So if you are a blogger, marketer, affiliate, vendors or service provider, you need bigger responsive list.


The number one thing that nearly every successful online entrepreneur has going for them is that they have an email list. This is a list of subscribers that opted in to receive more information from you, to gain access to free training, or people that bought something from you.

At one point or another we have all made our way to an email list. From the largest online retailers to the solopreneurs running a business from their living room, email marketing is still the number one way to engage and follow up with your audience.

Although, Social media has definitely changed the game a little bit, but email marketing is here to stay. What has changed is how people access their emails. So, don’t let anyone try to fool you into thinking that email marketing is dead.

In fact, some companies, even major ones, credit over 75% of their sales directly to email marketing!

If you have an email list and you create a product, have a coaching program, service, physical product, or webinar you want to tell people about; then you just send an email to your list for instant results! No more waiting for your paid ads to get approved or relying on affiliates to mail for you.

Paid advertising and affiliates are a tremendous way to get traffic, but having your own email list is even better! That is why over the next 30 days I want to teach you the same steps used by the experts to build an email list that pays you repeatedly!


How Do I build A Bigger Email list?

If you are just growing internet business, you may be thinking of something like:how to build an email list for free,how to build an email list from scratch,how to build an email list fast,how to grow your email list,generate email list,how to build a subscriber list,how to build a massive email list or how to create an email list. This article will help you out on how you can build a bigger email list.

If you want to build a bigger list, you need to go to work immediately. You can set some target for yourself. All what you need to do build to build a bigger list are discussed in the article. Building a responsive list is not difficult but requires some efforts from your end.

If you are ready to build your bigger list, here are some steps you need to take:

Create Your Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are tools that are given away in exchange for prospect’s contacts. It is kind of bribe to get your site visitors to opt in into your list. Nobody is willing to just drop their email on your website. You need to give them reason to leave their email and contacts with you. So whatever your exchange with your site visitors to opt in into

your email list is regarded as lead magnet. Here are type of lead magnet you can use:


  1. Top Tips PDF Report

This can be a list of tips that will help people solve a problem that they are seeking a solution to. For example, if you are a tax accountant offering CPA services, then you could write a report called: “The Top 8 Tax Savings Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know About”.


If you were a small business looking for help with taxes, then you better believe that would capture your attention, and get you to give up your email address!

In this report, you can share the top 8 tax savings tips, and even do a paragraph or page at the beginning and end that sends people to your website for more information.

If you are an affiliate marketer with content sites selling people on mattresses, then you could do a report called: “How To Find The Perfect Mattress For You”. Then you create a short 3 to 5 page report explaining your tips for finding the perfect mattress.

To give you one more example let’s say you sell pet products on an eCommerce store you could create a report that says “6 Pet Products Every Dog Owner Can’t Live Without!”

That would be attractive on your site, and would generate those email subscribers that you can then follow up with later when you have sales on your store, and inside the report you can of course recommend 6 products from your store with direct links!

Another example for this type of lead magnet is found here. I could simply take the 6 lead magnets I am recommending right now, and do a free report called: “6 Highly Effective Lead Magnets”.


  1. Video Training

Like the top tips report you can record a video that teaches people something important to them! Do not let the idea of video scare you.

This video can be as simple as a PowerPoint slide where you record your voice giving the content on the slides, and you use a simple screen capture software to record it.

These types of videos are simple to do. You can knock these videos out fast as well.

Here are 3 different screen capture recording software programs:

1) www.Screencast-O-Matic.com – This is a free screen capture software with a $15/annual upgrade (at the time of writing this eBook). The annual upgrade option removes the watermark on the videos. A very low cost in my opinion.

2) Jing – This is a free software that also allows you to record videos, and has a low upgrade to make it easier to work with the video files.

3) Camtasia – This is a little bit expensive software, but honestly worth a serious look if you plan to do lots of videos in the future as it has a simple to use editor that can be used for all kinds of videos not involving your screen captures. I would suggest starting with one of the free or low-cost options to get your feet wet at making videos first.

Another simple way to make a video or a series of videos to give away is to use your cell phone! Yes, even a selfie video when it is well done.

You can make a great video in 10 minutes or less! Just make a list either on paper or in your head on what you want to cover and start recording!

Video is not hard! The hardest part of video making is just getting started. Once you get your feet wet in the video creation process you can even start making videos to promote your landing page as we will discuss later in this eBook.

  1. E-Coaching Lessons

Another popular giveaway method is to offer e-coaching or email training! This is a great strategy to get people in the habit of opening your emails consistently.

So instead of offering your giveaway in the form of a single PDF or a video like the previous lead magnet ideas, you could offer a series of 5 to 10 emails that deliver the content daily, every other day, or weekly!

Another benefit to this strategy is that it means you can launch your list building efforts with only needing the first email! Then of course add the others, and once your e-coaching lessons are all wrapped up you don’t have to do it again unless you decide to update them.

All these can be delivered automatically through your autoresponder  which we will talk more about in day 2.

Again, just find hot topics to create content around, and use that for your list magnet! The key is finding content your audience really wants to know, and making it easy for them to go through it all.


  1. Exclusive Interview

Interviewing an expert in your industry is another unique way to quickly create a lead magnet. This means researching to find a popular author, speaker, blogger, radio show host, or other expert in your marketplace to do a 15 to 30 minute interview with you that you record electronically.

Simply come up with the top questions to ask, and join each other on

Skype or Google Hangouts!

Then you deliver the interview as an audio file to your audience after they opt-in for your email list!


  1. Special Webinar Event

Hosting a live webinar even in your market is a great way to start building a list, and once your webinar is done you can use it as an ongoing lead magnet.

You simply choose a date for your special webinar event and drive traffic to your registration page. You can use Google Hangouts (free) or GoToWebinar to host the webinar.

Webinars also double as a powerful sales tool as you can sell your products or services easily at the end of them. Sometimes even affiliates for you will help send you traffic.

Just like with the other lead magnets your key is to choose a topic that you know your audience wants more details on!


  1. Exclusive Discount or Coupon Code

This is probably the easiest to create lead magnet by far! You can create a unique coupon code that you can offer people that optin to your email list!

It is a great solution because it solves two problems.

1) What are you going to giveaway?

2) Gives your customers an immediate reason to buy from you!

The simplest way is to create a generic coupon code and offer it to your customers to download, or give them access to a special discount page to access your products in the future!


Choose the lead magnet you want to go with and start creating it. Don’t put too much thought into this step! Just get started creating! You can always perfect it later.

Perfectionism will lead to sure failure in business. Although you want to put out quality materials with your branding, you need to realize unless your lead magnet is done you can expect zero new email subscribers!



Setup Email Autoresponder software

This step is a little more technical, but simple enough that anyone can complete it! I will give you direct links to helpful online tutorials you need to complete the various steps mentioned straight from the four main companies I will be recommending you get started with.

One must have software tool you need for building an email list is an autoresponder. This will act as your database for storing your email addresses, help automate your list building, give you the necessary opt-in forms needed to grow your list, and allow you to gain new email subscribers.

There are many autoresponders online, but I am going to share with you four of the most popular ones. The top 2 (Aweber and Getresponse) are the most widely used autoresponders for online businesses.

Please do not allow yourself to get too hung up here or worried about picking the perfect autoresponder for you! The most important thing is that you choose an autoresponder! All four of these do what you need! It comes down to pricing and a comfort level.

You can visit each one and get an idea on pricing. The pricing changes with these. I will say from a feature standpoint they all 4 offer about the same feature sets. Personally, from my experience I find Aweber to be the easiest one to work with out of the box, plus they are probably the most recognized in the autoresponder field. So that is why they top my list.

  1. Aweber
  2. Getresponse
  3. MailChimp
  4. ActiveCampaign

For this step, you need to choose your autoresponder of choice, and then follow the steps on their website to create your first list that goes along with your lead magnet. So, if your lead magnet is a report on top 6 ways to lose weight fast you could call your list something like top 6 report lose weight.

Start to write 3 to 5 follow up emails and insert into your autoresponder sequence of choice.

This is a simple, but easy assignment to complete. If you have questions on what should go into a follow up sequence you can look back at email lists you have joined to see what they are doing in their initial emails.


Set Up Squeeze or Landing Page

We now need to setup our squeeze page for this step. The squeeze page is also known as the landing page. The idea behind the squeeze page is that we give people two main options. The first option is to give up their email address in exchange for your lead magnet, and the second option is to leave the page.

To make sure you convert the best you want to keep your squeeze page looking as simple as possible. The reason they call it a squeeze page is because we want to “squeeze” information out of those that visited the page!

The main elements you want on a squeeze page is an attention-grabbing headline. Your headline should pull people in with benefits of what they will receive from your lead magnet.

For example, if you are doing a lead magnet on “The Top 8 Tax Savings Every

Small Business Owner Needs To Know About”, then you would have a headline that could sound like this:  “Discover The Top 8 Tax Savings Every Small Business Needs To Know!”

This would surely draw them in because it peaks their curiosity. You can apply this for any lead magnet in any niche market as well! That’s the beauty of it!

So focus on a good headline, and a simple sub-headline. In my sub-headline, which appears below the headline I say: “Follow this proven & simple formula for generating real income through the Internet.”

For the tax example, you could say: “Follow this proven & simple formula for saving massive amounts on your taxes!”


Promote Your Squeeze Page Links Online

The next most important task is to provide a link to the squeeze page on all the pages that you control online. This includes your blog, website, email signature, YouTube Channel, Twitter Profile, Instagram Profile, Pinterest Profile, LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, WeChat profile, resource box for articles you may have written and published online already!

The point is you want to get your squeeze page link out all over the web so people keep coming back to this page. You can honestly run an entire six figure per year online business with just a simple squeeze page like we setup in this


Write High Quality Blog Post

You need to write a high-quality blog post or article that will draw your target audience into your website and eventually onto your email list.

One good article can play a huge role in getting you traffic for even years to come, so make sure you put in the effort to put together some amazing content. For this step we are just going to write this article.

I will give you some ideas below, but if you are someone that does not want to write you can easily outsource this to www.iwriter.com or www.fiverr.com.

www.iwriter.com you will spend anywhere from $10 to $40 to get a great content piece written.

The types of articles that do well are called “Listicles”. This is an article that contains a list. For example, like top 10 lists do great here. Here are a few “Listicle” examples:

  • “Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship”
  • “The 5 Things Winning Sales Copy Should Have”
  • “My Top 8 Places To Get Free Web Traffic”
  • “25 Places You Must Visit Before You Die”
  • “6 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble”
  • “The 15 Things You Should Always Have In Your Fridge”


The next super important thing you need along with quality content is a good

image. You can find a free royalty free image for your article at

www.pixabay.com or www.pexels.com or you can use canva.com



Share Your Article On Social Media Platforms

Now that you have created a pretty awesome piece of content you need to get it out in front of your target audience, and out on the search engines. So, for this step you will submit the article or blog post to social media channels.social media

You need to first copy/paste your article into your WordPress blog or onto your website. If you have an ecommerce store, then create an article section and add this there. To make this work best for you, it needs to be posted on your website.


Once you have your article posted on the social media sites you need to see how it will look when you share it. Facebook has a free tool called: “The Facebook Debugger” tool that you can use.



Put the link to your content into this tool, and they will let you see what image they show, and the text they use.

If it does not look right, and you are using WordPress you can use a plugin called NextScripts to help you fix the settings for when you post your content.

NextScripts will also automatically post your content to the major social media sites for you. So that will automate this process a little bit for you.


Create and submit the link to our great article to the following channels:

1) Facebook

You can build a following for your brand easily on Facebook, and it is widely used by all companies. If you have people that follow you for business already, there is no harm in submitting this quality post to your personal Facebook page. You should also have a Facebook page for your niche and for your company as well. So start those pages, and then submit to these.

2) Twitter

Twitter has always been a good way to get traffic. Once you create your

Twitter account you can start to follow people that are interested in similar topics related to your brand.

So go out to the famous speakers, authors, and trainers in your market and look at their followers, and start to follow those people that follow them. You will find about 25% of them will eventually follow you back.

That is how your following begins to grow on Twitter from scratch.

When you post your article make sure you post the headline which will draw people in and also use hashtags related to your niche. If you are  teaching dog training tips, then you would use these hashtags #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogobedience

3) LinkedIn

Many people forget about LinkedIn, but this is a great channel for getting your content out there. You can also link up your Twitter with

LinkedIn so each time you post on Twitter it goes to LinkedIn.

4) Pinterest

Do not underestimate the power of Pinterest. This can be a tremendous traffic source for your business. The key to success with Pinterest is to find a board to post on in your niche, and consider creating your own boards that are similar to your market. Posting to Pinterest is why you MUST have the picture in your content piece.


Convert Your Article To Video

In other to engage more people and convert them to your subscribers, you will need to create a video from the article you made

Video may seem scary to you, but I can ensure it is much simpler than you realize! You cannot ignore the massive potential that video gives you as well for marketing your business online.


For this step you will simply take the article and copy/paste the main points into PowerPoint slides. If you don’t have access to PowerPoint you can use OpenOffice which is free or even Google Slides which is also completely free.

The first step is to open the software. Then each of the main points from your article could be made into individual slides. The bullet points on those slides will become the content you see.

Next thing you need is to record the presentation. To do this you will need screen capture software. We mentioned this earlier in the book, but I will give you the options here.


Here are 3 different screen capture recording software programs:

1) www.Screencast-O-Matic.com – This is a free screen capture software with a $15/annual upgrade (at the time of writing this ebook). The annual upgrade option removes the watermark on thevideos. A very low cost in my opinion.

2) Jing – This is a free software that also allows you to record videos, and has a low upgrade to make it easier to work with the video files.

3) Camtasia – This is a software, but honestly worth a serious look if you plan to do lots of videos in the future as it has a simple to use editor that can be used for all kinds of videos not involving your screen captures. I would suggest starting with one of the free or low-cost options to get your feet wet at making videos first.

Once you choose the screen capture software you want to use, you can fire it up and start recording your PowerPoint presentation. Most laptop computers come with a microphone preinstalled. If you sit close enough to the computer screen it will sound good.

For the best sound, you can use a USB headset microphone. A good model to use is the Logitech H390 which you can buy cheap on Amazon or at major big box retail stores.


If you decide you don’t want to do a PowerPoint video you can use a cell phone, and simply record yourself giving the content. Selfie videos that give good value to your audience work great these days!

The key to making online videos is to not think, and just create it. Start making your video now. Another tremendous way to get more benefit from your video is to embed it onto your website or blog after you upload to YouTube.


Use keywords and a clear description as well, and don’t forget to tag your video with appropriate keywords. I would advise you to study other top videos in your niche market to see what keywords they are using in tags and in the description. Don’t be shy about looking at the competition.

Since you have a little more time today after submitting the video to the social media channels you can look at something like HootSuite which can assist you with social media marketing efforts moving forward.

Upload your video to YouTube and promote the YouTube link of your video to the main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Create Facebook ads

As you know Facebook makes their money by running advertisements on their website, and you have surely seen them on the sidebars, in your newsfeed, and in videos as well. The Facebook platform is a tremendous way to reach your target audience.

With Facebook ads, you can narrow down to specifics like age, gender, and most importantly interests. This allows you to create ads that display to the people most likely to receive your offer well.

In this step, you are of course sending people to your squeeze page or landing page so you can generate more email subscribers.


Here are a few best practices to help you get the most from advertising with Facebook:

1) Create multiple ad variations.

I highly encourage you to make multiple ad versions as you setup your Facebook ad. This can be as simple as using a different image or using different ad copy. Sometimes one image can pull 2 or 3 times better.

You never know until you try. So run 4 or 5 versions of the same ad, and Facebook will display the ad that pulls the best for you.

2) Monitor your results.

You will want to check your results often. Whenever you do paid advertising it is a good habit to check your results like how much you are spending, how many clicks you are getting, and how many impressions you are seeing. If impressions and clicks are low, then you may need to adjust the actual ad by changing the wording or the image.

3) Play with your budget.

Facebook ads are great because you can start low, and then scale up. So you can play around with various budgets to see if it helps kickstart your campaign. Maybe launch your ad with a $20/day budget.

You won’t spend $600 for the month because you can pause the ad after even 12 hours, or adjust the bid down to spend $5/day. It is up to you, but playing with your budget can give you new insights on what is working

4) Be creative on your interests.

Targeting your audience’s interests is important to the success or failure of your ad. You want to get into their minds to determine how to best target your ads to reach your perfect customer or email subscriber.

Some things you can consider for interests is what books do they read, who do they follow, what TV shows do they watch, what sports do they play, etc.

Think like a marketer. For example, if your offer is a dog training ebook than people would follow Cesar Millan (a famous dog trainer), they would watch the TV show “Dog Whisperer”, they would watch the TV network Animal Planet, and they would shop at Petco and PetSmart.

So don’t just target general interests like “dogs”. Target deeper, and truly understand your customer.

You have now learned the Facebook advertising best practices and have access to the tutorials from Facebook. So just get to create your ad. If you get stuck follow the tutorials again, but they do pride themselves on making it a pretty easy experience.

The key thing is that you monitor your results so you can see how many subscribers you are getting, and how much you are spending.



Run A Solo Ads

Solo ads are by far one of the most effective ways for building an email list up.

This is a form of paid advertising where you pay someone with a targeted email list to send out for you.  Ho do you start getting massive traffic and leads from solo ads?

The process is really pretty simple, but like anything else you just need to leap and do it! Don’t put this off. Get out there and act or I can guarantee you won’t see the results.

All you need is your squeeze page and a solo ad email. This is an email that you want the person to send to their list. So for this you just write a short email of a few sentences that highlights what they will get for opting into your list.

You can get solo ads from the followings:


Generate Traffic From Forums

This next traffic method is easy to do, you can do it daily to keep traffic flowing, and it is an older school method that is still effective. Online forums are present in every niche market. These are communities online where your target audience is hanging out.

So, this traffic method entails finding the hot forums for your market. You can easily do this by going to Google and doing a search for “your niche forums” or “your niche and online forums”. For example, if you are in the golf niche you would do a search for “golf online forums”.

For this method to work best you want to look for an online forum community which is active. You can easily notice this by checking the most recent posts in that forum.

Also, you want to look at the posts to see if there is a signature option. So that would be a section below each post where people can put a link to their website. You can also check on the profile page for the users in the forum as they have a website feature.

Instead of putting your main website here, you would put a link to your squeeze page.

As you find a forum or active online community for your market you want to make 10 posts in this forum for this step. I would advise you to find some of the hotter posts out there with the most views on them. Give your feedback and input. Build up your rapport and authority in the group. When they start to see you as a contributor of good knowledge they will naturally want to click on the signature link or your profile link.

Be careful with placing link in your content in your posts, to avoid be mark as spam.. Just make sure you set it up in your signature or profile.

You can have success doing this with just one popular forum. You can find one or two forums in your marketplace to build up your authority. Don’t get lost in there, but spend time giving valuable advice, and people will want to connect with you.


Get Your Message Out As Online Press Releases

If you want to build your authority online, and get people to respect your name and your offers more a great way to do this is through an online press release. This is another method that seems to get forgotten about, but it still can generate good long term traffic and positive exposure for you.

The idea is to write a press release that tells people about your lead magnet. A good press release answers the questions of “Who, What, When, Where, and Why.” This is what a good journalist always covers in their articles.


Next step is to submit your press release. Try to use your keywords in the title of your press release when submitting it online as well.

You can find a list of places to submit to by going to Google and searching for “submit press release free” or “submit press release online”.

This service is also valuable as well: www.kamenpressreleases.com. Another service for submitting press releases is http://www.prunderground.com.

If you want to view examples of online press releases you can visit www.prweb.com  to see examples of press releases that have been distributed by them.



Take Advantage Of Guest Blogging

Another great way to generate long term traffic and notice for your business is through guest blogging. It allows you to reach a huge audience almost immediately. This is where you write content for someone else that has a blog with a following. The content you write is always completely unique, and it helps them get quality and unique content on their website. So, it is a win-win solution.

You can go to Google and search for “guest blogging” or “guest blogging sites” to find websites where you can write content for.

If you want a more comprehensive guest blogging guide to complete this step I would recommend checking this article out: http://backlinko.com/the-definitive-guide-to-guest-blogging and http://www.petersandeen.com/list-of-guest-blogging-sites/


Write your high-quality guest post and submit this to 5 blogs that you identified through research. Then wait to hear back, and see if your post gets picked up and you get in front of a targeted audience.


Start A Contest

A fun and simple way to build an email list is to start a contest. They have proven overtime to be a great lead generator for businesses of all sizes. You can also use contests to engage your Facebook fan pages as well.

One website that allows you to start a contest is www.RaffleCopter.com . They have a great setup for creating a contest and using it to build your list. You can get started for free with all you need.

What you giveaway is completely up to you. It can be a free product, a free coaching session, a free yearlong membership, a free product from your store, a $50 gift card to your store, a $100 gift card to Amazon.com for example. Your giveaway does not have to always be related to your niche market.

You would be surprised how many people sign up for the chance to win a gift card!

You can also run a contest through your autoresponder like Aweber or Getresposne. Just setup a new list for the contest, and then after the contest period ends pull up all the leads. Then put in the number of subscribers that entered into a Random Number generator.


Search Engine Optimization

You need to make sure your main website is optimized effectively for the search engines to help you generate more leads for your business. A properly optimized blog or website can send you thousands of visitors each month. It won’t happen overnight, but eventually can lead to a lot of new email subscribers.

You should have a blog or central website already setup. I am going to share the basics of search engine optimization. SEO is quite simple, and honestly a lot of the tasks you have already been doing in regards to creating quality content, creating videos, and sharing on social media is all part of a good SEO strategy!

For those wondering SEO is the method for making changes to your website so that it ranks higher in the search engines.

The main changes you will want to focus on is that you are using keywords in your title tags. The title tag is the content field you see at the top of your browser. Also, if you look at a website in Google the title tag is the blue and underlined text you see in the search results.

This should have your keywords in it. You can find better keywords using the Google Keyword Planner. You can also identify keywords by looking at Google’s suggest search phrases. So, go to Google and start typing your keyword phrase.

Then the results that come up are results that Google is showing you as relevant keywords that people want information on. Suggested searches can also be found on the bottom of the page.

After title tags the next important part of SEO is that you create really good content, get social shares, and integrate different types of media within your content like videos and pictures.

So, on top of the other tasks try to make time to post 2 or 3 times to your blog or website to freshen up the content. Keep getting the guest blog posts and contests going also as they will help you get more backlinks in a clean fashion that is Google friendly.


If you have a WordPress blog, which most of you should, you can use either the Yoast SEO Plugin or the All-In-One SEO Plugin to help you better optimize your blog. Both are free.

Don’t forget to create backlink to your blog or website. Finding the blogs to comment on are simple to do. Simply run a Google News search for your targeted keyword phrases.

Then navigate to the various recent blog posts and see if you can leave a comment that has the name, email, and website field. When you comment on the blog provide real value that shows you read the article. You can even skim the article, but give constructive feedback, add your own input, but focus on providing value to the post.

Simply repeat this step, and if you do it daily you will eventually have about

100 to 200 places online that have links back to your content. If the content is showing up in Google News you know it is getting some traction and eyeballs.


Host A Facebook Live

Go ahead and host your very first Facebook Live! No, this is not intended to scare you or anything, but if you want to truly succeed online you need to be willing to put yourself out there a little bit. Facebook Live is one of the best ways to do this!

You simply use your smart phone and the Facebook app, and navigate to the section where you will make a post. Then choose live! Once you are live with Facebook you begin to talk about a hot button topic in your niche. You can pull one of the ideas from the 20 or 30 you gathered together yesterday.

Before you go live you can make notes so you don’t feel stressed as you go along. Just talk from the heart, and don’t worry about stumbling. People care about you, and even if you get a few attendees on your firs Facebook Live be confident that those numbers will continue to grow.

You can also write a short description of your Facebook Live session so people know what to expect when they listen to you. Be descriptive and make sure you share a link to your lead page.

Once you are done with your Facebook live video it will be permanently live on your personal Facebook page or on a Facebook fan page. Then you can share that post on the social media channels. You can also download the video and upload it to YouTube as well.


Run Bing Ads

Setup a paid with Bing Ads that sends people straight to your squeeze page or landing page to get email optins. I have chosen Bing for you because they are little more forgiving of people using paid ads for lead generating than Google Adwords.

Bing also is great platform to run paid ads on because their clicks have a lower cost. With Bing Ads you can also advertise simultaneously on the Yahoo Search engine as well.

I would recommend looking for a coupon code if you are new to advertising with Bing Ads as you can oftentimes find a coupon that will get you between $50 and $100 or more in free advertising credits.

At SEOBook.com they have a comprehensive list of coupon codes for various PPC (pay-per-click search engines). You can alternatively do a Google search for “Bing Ads coupon code” to find some great options for you. It is worth the few minutes because $50 to $100 in free ad credits is literally like free money, plus it gives you the ability to get your paid campaign working effectively so you can maximize your return on investment.


When you setup your campaign you will want to follow the steps, they lay out and create a campaign. Just focus on targeting long tail keywords. This means keywords that are more specific.


Create An Infographic And Submit To The Key Social Media Channels.

A new traffic strategy that you can learn and implement is to create an infographic that builds your credibility up, and drives people back to your squeeze page.

An infographic is a carefully created web graphic that contains information. In a nutshell, it is a creative way to display content to your audience. They aren very popular, and get a lot of pins and looks on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

You cannot overlook it as this method can be a great source of traffic to your squeeze page and can lead to more email subscribers.

There are two ways you can easily create infographics. The first one is of course to outsource it at www.fiverr.com. Just got there and search for “infographics”, and browse the available gigs people are offering. The next option is to use a free web based graphics tool at www.canva.com.

You can create more than just infographics here, but a variety of web graphics for free. This is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. As far as the content you place on the graphic just look at the listicles and blog posts with top 10 lists you have made. In fact, to make things easier you could easily convert any of the previous articles or blog posts you have done into an infographic!

It’s a fun process, and if you don’t like graphic creation, outsource it! Once the infographic is made get it out there onto Pinterest for sure on the appropriate marketing boards, post it to your Facebook and Twitter following, and if you have Instagram this would be a great place to share it to your audience!


Run Email Ads Swaps Campaigns

If you are new to list building or already have a more established list you may choose to skip this and setup a solo ad instead.

This strategy is to do an email ad swap! So that means you send an email to your list with a link to our ad swap partner’s squeeze page, and in exchange they do the same thing.

It’s a great way to cross promote, and it does work effectively for building an email list. There is a network of people that do ad swaps at this website: www.safe-swaps.com.


Another way to find ad swap partners is to locate people that send emails in your niche market by checking out their blogs or website to see if they have an email optin form. If they do you can discuss the possibility of doing a swap with them. This is especially popular if your niche is outside of Internet marketing.


Now that you have that you know all what it takes to build a bigger email list, it is important that you continue adding new email subscribers. Stay consistent with sending traffic to your squeeze page.

Your email list is the life blood of your online business. So never stop building it. Also, do not forget to email your new list. The worst thing you can do is build an email list, and then get scared about promoting to them, or to forget that altogether.

Send relevant affiliate products, send them your new content like videos or blog posts, do webinars with them, sell them your products, and keep scaling your business up!

Just stay consistent, don’t quit, and don’t give up! You will enjoy the benefits that come with having a larger email list.


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